Located in beautiful Spokane, Washington at Lilac City Ragdolls we specialize in breeding, raising and placing healthy and beautiful kittens with their forever families.  

Like you, my daughter Heather and I have a love for Ragdolls and consider them part of our family. As one of the most captivating breeds of felines, Ragdolls are large, laid-back cats with gorgeous blue eyes that go limp with pleasure when you cuddle them in your arms - the trait that led to their name!  


As inside cats, Ragdolls are best known for their docile, mellow temperament and affectionate nature. They love to greet you at the door, follow you from room to room, flop in your arms, sleep by your side, and generally choose to be wherever you are! Ragdoll cats are gentle and intelligent and tend to get along with everyone. Their semi long coat is plush and silky, and requires minimal grooming to keep it looking its best. In all, Ragdolls are well behaved, easy on the eye and easy to care for – the perfect cat for a rural, quite home or a modern, busy lifestyle.

From Seattle to Portland to Spokane, to all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond, it's a joy to serve wonderful people as they bring home their new companion.


"Thank you for visiting our website and we would be honored to help you in the process of finding your next Ragdoll kitten!"

                            ~ Marcia Lee Marker



We have some terrific litters on the horizon and we look forward to working with you during this exciting process!  We invite you to peruse pictures and bios of our moms and dads for each pairing under our "Ladies" & "Gentlemen" pages.

Coconut  & Archie

Kittens coming in March!

​Upcoming Litters: 

  • Coconut & Archie: We anticipate breeding Coconut in the Spring with kittens ready to go home in the late summer or early fall!​ A special thanks to Michelle for letting us use Archie as the stud - he's a chocolate mitted with a blaze. This is going to be a beautiful litter!

  • Juliet & Romeo: We also anticipate breeding Juliet this Spring with kittens ready to go home in the late summer or early fall. We are currently accepting deposits for this litter!

Kitten Pricing: Males & Females: $1450 (+ 8.9% sales tax if applicable). A deposit of $200 reserves your future kitten.  Kittens can be picked up locally in Spokane, WA and we do offer transportation in the Continental US for the cost of shipping based on location.


Selecting your kitten is easy. After kittens are born, you will begin receiving updates full of information as well as pictures and eventually videos. Selections take place at 10-12 weeks of age. Whether you are in a nearby city or multiple states away, we'll help guide you each step of the journey. Some people come directly to our home and others make the selection from the convenience of their own living room with the assistance of FaceTime, Skype and plenty of conversations! At selection weekend, they'll be ready to join your home!  

Again, we know it's an important decision and we're here to assist you in any way we can.  We'd love to hear from you so feel free to call or email us.

509-981-2672 | LilacCityRagdolls@gmail.com

Ragdoll Kittens For Sale

Annabelle &Romeo

Kittens coming in March!




Juliet is a blue lynx mitted Ragdoll with gorgeous blue eyes and a silky full coat. Sweet and mellow, she has a confident personality and loves to be by your side. Her and Romeo's kittens are absolutely stunning!


Annabelle is our sweet lilac bicolor girl.  She is loving, friendly, and very affectionate. She has beautiful blue eyes and a soft white coat. She's definitely the princess! Her kittens with Romeo are beautiful and will make wonderful Ragdoll companions into the future!

Ragdoll Kittens for sale in Seattle, Portland and Spokane


Coconut is our beautiful lilac mitted female. She is one of Annabelle and Romeo's daughters. With a silky white coat and bright blue eyes she receives compliments every time someone meets her. We would be honored to help you bring home one of her kittens into the future.




Romeo is our handsome lilac-pointed and mitted male. Sweet, strong, mellow and fun! He has a beautiful, soft coat and he's extremely content lounging near your side and taking the day in with you. You are going to love his kittens.